Insure Your Stuff!


When you move in with us you have a few insurance options:


fed up dog!Firstly, we don’t insist that you take out insurance. We always strongly advise it, but many people feel that the things they are storing have little commercial value but much sentimental value. That’s fine with us, everyone has different opinions when it comes to risk! However goods are stored at your sole risk, therefore  if you do feel you want to make sure your unit is covered there are some other options you can choose.




● The cheapest way is simply to add it to your home contents insurance, you simply note that you have a certain amount stored off site in a self storage facility. Many insurers allow you to do this as part of their standard terms.  If your insurer does not there are a couple of alternatives.

●We are now able to offer Insurance at the really competitive rate of £2.00/ £1000 / month, if you would like details on all the terms and conditions just give us a call and we will be happy to chat with you about this.


ps If you are wondering who the dog is, it is one of Saffie’s grumpier friends!